About the Author

Rachel Keeth is a professional freelance writer. She has written on a wide variety of subjects, including Ancient Egyptian history, personality types, and service dog training. However, she specializes in writing on matters of health and wellness, lifestyle, and pop culture.

Rachel began combining her love of cooking at writing at a young age. When she was only twelve-years-old she wrote and managed a blog in which she shared recipes and reviewed various high-end chocolates. Even after she discontinued her first cooking blog, she continued to write on her following cooking and lifestyle blog, Lavender and Honey. Now, years later, Rachel decided to begin a new blog that better fit her current lifestyle.

For years Rachel has loved animals. After growing up watching The Crocodile Hunter and going to the small zoo in her tiny south Louisiana town on a weekly basis her love for animals and their care became one of her most passionate subjects. Along with human care and rights, Rachel regularly sticks up for the rights of animals. To that end, she recently took the first step in a journey that she has dreamed of since childhood. At the beginning of December 2018, Rachel took the first step into a plant-based lifestyle. This approach may mean different things for different people, but for Rachel, it means consuming no animal-based products, choosing plant-based makeups, and cruelty-free products. Not everyone has the privilege of going plant-based. Some people are unable to afford the change, some people have too many food allergies, others may have different cultural practices such as Natives, or someone may simply be unaware of how to make the change.

By sharing this blog, Rachel hopes that she can encourage other people to begin a plant-based lifestyle. When you have the knowledge you require, the process can be much more simple, affordable, and possible than many people believe.
A plant-based diet, or rather an herbivore diet, may be different from the omnivore lifestyle that many people are accustomed to. But, if you begin this journey you will see just how many flavors and nutrients are available at your fingertips. It may not be a lifestyle every person can achieve. Yet, it is easily maintained with the recipes provided on this blog and a knowledge of what you will and won’t eat. Despite living with a debilitating chronic illness and disability, Rachel is able to maintain her plant-based diet easily.

Even if you don’t wish to begin a full plant-based lifestyle, why not enjoy some of these recipes? By using plant-based recipes on occasion you can gain many nutrients within your diet and lessen the burden placed on the planet and the animals inhabiting it. By enjoying a Meatless Monday from time to time, you can share a meal with your family, catching up and creating memories.